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Karachi, 16 December, 2017:




Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali has Said that voice of the moderate and the tolerant is getting weaker and we are engulfed in what most consider a Clash of Religions, or as you put it, the ‘ Clash’ of ignorance’ – because indeed, that is exactly what it is,” This he said while addressing a reception he hosted in honour of Spiritual leader of Ismaili Community His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan at CM House. The chief minister welcoming His Highness to Pakistan, said here millions who eagerly awaited his arrival rejoice as he graced them with his presence, as a part of his golden jubilee.

He said that It was indeed an immense honor for him to host His Highness at CM House. “The contributions that you and your family have made to Pakistan are countless; even before we were recognized by the international community as a sovereign state, His Highness Aga Khan the third drove us towards gaining independence during the Round Table Conferences, where he advocated to put Pakistan on the map,” he said and added today, the philanthropic work done by the Aga Khan Development Network reaches millions across the nation, and Pakistan is indeed fortune to have been a beneficiary of the humanitarian work undertaken by the AKDN. Murad Ali Shah said today, we live in trying times; Muslims at large are misunderstood and persecuted, and have become victims of ignorance and bigotry. “The voice of the moderate and the tolerant is getting weaker and we are engulfed in what most consider a Clash of Religions, or as you put it, the ‘ Clash’ of ignorance’ – because indeed, that is exactly what it is,” he said and added “And it is only when this darkness of ignorance is defeated by the light of education that we will experience any lasting change,” he said. The chief Minister lauded the efforts towards global peace and stability. “You have propagated only the unity of mankind, and have been rendering an invaluable and self service for all humanity, as you offer tolerance and understanding, acceptance and affirmation and harmony and unity-in these dark and dreary times,” he said. The chief minister also welcoming Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari thanked him for taking time to attend his reception despite his very busy schedule and also congratulate him on a historic jalsa in Multan yesterday.

Karachi, 16 December, 2017:




Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that the verdicts of Supreme Court of Pakistan into the cases of PTI and PML-N were comparatively positive but it is Pakistan Peoples Party which is always seen differently. This he said while talking to media just after attending Kiran Sitara a programme designed to fight against TB organised under the banner of ‘She Leads” Conference by Indus Health Network at PAF Museum today. Replying to a question about the decision of Supreme Court into the disqualification case of Imran Khan and Jahangir Tarin and Hudebia Paper Mills case, the chief minister said that he could not comment on the verdicts but “I would like to say that the decisions of the Court are comparatively better for both, the PTI and PML-N while there is a different yardstick for Pakistan Peoples Party,” he said and added “We always respect the court decisions.”

He said that the forthcoming general election of 2018 would be the last election for Imran Khan because he is no more leader of youth. “Oh yes, it is Bilawal Bhutto Zardari who is a genuine leader of youth of the country,” he said and added “Chairman Bilawal Bhutto has the capability to steer the country out of present crisis,” he said. Talking about tragedy of Public School Peshawar, Murad Ali Shah said the smiles and fragrance of the children were still alive in his memories. “We can not forget them, they were our future and their sacrifice is the great one and it has united the nation against terrorists,” he said. Earlier, addressing the ‘She Leads Conference’ the chief minister said that it is something to be pride of to be with 10,000 girl students. “I truly feel the positive spirit of optimism at this forum and we will need your youthful energy, creativity and passion to lead our country to a healthier future,” he said.
Murad Ali Shah said today’s generation of young people, particularly the female is the largest the world has ever known. He added that one in every three persons alive today is under the age of thirty, and around ninety per cent of young people are living in developing countries, such as Pakistan. “I believe in your power to shape our future, young people now and in the future would play a big role in how our world addresses challenges,” he said and added only by ensuring opportunities that open the future to all young people do we create a better future. He said the collaborative effort between the Indus Health Network, Interactive Research and Development, Department of Education Government of Sindh, and the Kiran Sitara program, emphasizes the importance of contributing to progress, particularly during times of change. “This approach is needed now more than ever,” he said. The chief minister said that the Kiran Sitara Adolescent Health and Leadership program achieves that by mobilizing young girls at secondary schools. By teaching adolescent girls the skills such as communication, negotiation, leadership, human rights and combining that with basic health care directives, the Kiran Sitara is creating a network of social impact leaders. He went on saying over the next decade and beyond, if we are to solve the most pressing issues of our time, we can tap into the dynamism of these generation of leaders, for they have the potential to be the most creative forces for social change in the country. “By empowering these girls, we can drive social progress in areas including access to education, immunization programs geared towards polio eradication, child marriage and other critical health and development challenges,” he said. The chief minister said that he is convinced that investing in education for girls and women is the key to unlocking advances across society. He added Positive change is possible if we act together and act now. “the problems we face are global but they demand local solutions.,” he said and added “the initiatives you undertake in your own community, from your home to the classroom are indispensable.,” he said, It may be noted that The Kiran Sitara program - part of ‘Aao TB Mitao’ aims to enhance leadership skills of adolescent girls by providing trainings to boost their confidence, improve educational performance and ameliorate their communication competency. Currently the program is teaching young girls how to identify basic symptoms of TB and training them to send people to key healthcare facilities for further testing. By harnessing the potential of students as “Actors of Social Change”, this indigenous community outreach campaign is designed to increase uptake of screening and treatment services for a TB free Pakistan. The chief minister said that the young people are some of the greatest change-makers and innovators we have. “A good leader is a good listener and a good leader is also a good follower,” he said and urged the young girls “You must remember this as you assume a position of leadership, you are never too young to lead and never too old to learn,” he said and added “So put your remarkable energy, vision, and passion in the service of our people and planet, I count on you to build a more sustainable future for all of humanity,” he concluded.

Karachi, 16 October, 2017:




Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah held an important meeting to discuss the way forward for development of BRTS Blue Line in the background of recent commitment expressed by M/s. Bahria Town Limited to undertake the development of the BRTS Blue Line project.

After detailed discussion, it was decided that the request of M/S Bahria Town Limited may be accepted. The Honorable Chief Minister Sindh directed the Transport & Mass Transit Department, to take necessary action on fast track and proceed in accordance with the relevant provisions of SPPRA Rules. The Meeting was attended by Minister Transport & Mass Transit Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Sindh Mr. Sohail Rajput, Secretary Finance Mr. Hasan Naqvi, Secretary Transport & Mass Transit Mr. Saeed Ahmed Awan, Director General Sindh Mass Transit Authority Mr. Muhammad Athar and Director General Public Private Partnership Unit Mr. Khalid Shaikh, besides other officials and project consultants. While briefing on the project background it was informed that the Transport & Mass Transit Department, Government of Sindh received an Unsolicited proposal from M/s. Bahria Town (Pvt.) Ltd. on 6th January 2015 for the Bus Rapid Transit – Blue Line Project as allowed under section 86 of the Sindh Public Procurement (SPP) Rules, 2010. As per the validation exercise undertaken by project consultants, the initiator of the unsolicited proposal submitted their revised proposal. The comparison of revised unsolicited proposal and the revised concept presented by the Advisory Consortium along with cost rationalization is as detailed below:

Amounts in PKR Unsolicited Proposal Revised Concept EPC cost 26.8 21.2 Bus Operation cost 4.0 3.4 Insurance, Project Management fee, contingencies and IDC 6.6 4.4 Sub-total 37.4 29.0 ITS cost ITS excluded 3.0 Total Project cost 37.4 32.0 Dedicated/Mixed Corridor on M9 Dedicated Mixed Dedicated/Mixed corridor on Airport Link route. Dedicated Mixed Number of buses 120 articulated 80 articulated and 20 non-articulated Bus depot (incl. buildings, furniture, equipments etc.) PKR 1.2 billion excl. 50 acres land PKR 1.7 billion incl. 30 acres land

Later, the Bahria Town (Private) Limited via letter no. BTPL/KHI/BRTS-BL/12-2016/0001 dated 16th December 2016 had withdrawn their unsolicited proposal for the development, operations and maintenance of the Bus Rapid Transit System – Blue Line Project in Karachi on ‘Build Own Operate Transfer’ basis under PPP Mode due to the gaps between the commercial, technical and legal positions of both the parties. Now M/S Bahria Town have expressed their serious commitment for development of Bus Rapid Transit Blue Line Project in PPP mode proposing revival of their Unsolicited proposal.

Karachi, 26 September, 2017:




Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that he has constructed important roads of the city and now it becomes the responsibility of the shopkeepers and other traders to keep their areas clean and save them from encroachments. This he said while talking to the delegation of Tariq Road Traders Welfare Association led by its President Aslam Bhatti, General Secretary Asad Towfique, Fawad Khan, Haroon Zafar, Mohammad Azam, Zafar Iqbal and Mohammad Mehmood. The chief minister said that he has reconstructed important roads such as Tariq Road, Saddar, University Road and others which are hub of business activities. “I am sorry to say, I have personally witnessed that the traders throw away waste and filth of their shops onto the roads, though dustbin are lying there,” he said and urged the association to stop them from making their newly constructed areas filthy.

The association members lauding the chief minister for constructing their roads said the construction work was in progress everywhere in the city. The assured the chief minister of their full support and cooperation in keeping their areas neat and clean. The chief minister also noted that most of the shopping plazas have their parking lots in their buildings but they have converted them into gowdowns. “This is unacceptable,” he said and urged the association to talk to their association members and others for opening their parking areas, otherwise he would have no option but to take action,” he said. “I am going to issue directives to the new DIG traffic to open their parking areas and report me,” he said.

Syed Murad Ali Shah also directed DIG Traffic to revisit the areas where car showrooms are located and ensure no car is displayed on the road. “We would support them into doing their business activities with peace of mind but would never allow anybody to encroach upon roads and cause problems in smooth flow of traffic,” he said. He said that the work on road right from Fountain Chown, near Governor House to Zoo, Garden and back from garden to Saddar would be started shortly. “This would cause problems in flow of traffic and create others problems, therefore I need your (traders community and general public) support and cooperation,” he said.

Karachi, 25 September, 2017:




Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has directed health department to ensure supply of medicines to all the government hospitals by the end of next week. “This may be taken on top priority.” This he said while presiding over a meeting of health department here at the CM House today. The meeting was attended by Minister Health Dr Sikandar Mendhro, Secretary Health Fazal Pechuho, Principal Secretary to CM Sohail Rajput, Secretary Finance Hassan Naqvi and others. The chief minister said that the purchase of medicines has not been completed so far. Therefore, some of the hospitals are faced with shortage of medicines. Minister Health Dr Sikandar Mendhro said that with the approval of the chief minister 15 percent local purchase has been allowed, therefore, there is no shortage. “As per policy 15 percent purchase is made locally while 85 percent purchase is done centrally,” he said. Secretary Health Fazal Pechuho said that the purchase committee of the department has cease to exist as some of the senior members have resigned due to their personal engagements and some other have gone out of country. The chief minister directed him to adopt legal procedure and complete the purchase of the medicine. “Give me report of supply of medicines within a week,” he said.

It may be noted that over all operational budget of hospitals of the province comes to Rs18 billion in which around Rs6.5 billion is the budget of medicines. The chief minister said that he has installed boards in all the hospitals urging patients to get medicine from the hospital store free of cost. “Our people are very poor and they need proper health care,” he said and added to some extent has succeeded in his mission but still “we have to do a lot to provide health services to every one living everywhere in the province,” he said. Talking about Public Private partnership (PPP) operation of various government hospitals, the chief minister said that the private partners are operating in a best way. Therefore, their issues must be solved on priority basis so that they could provide best of their health facilities.

The chief minister pointed out that Drigh Bala rural health center of Johi was in dilapidated condition. He directed secretary health to report him why it was abandoned. The secretary health talked to the DHO dadu and got the report then and there. The chief minister was told that the building was complete but it remained for a certain time under the occupation of the police. The chief minister directed secretary health to take over the heaslth center within a week and get it functional. The chief minister also directed health department to submit him a detailed report of all the health centers/health facilities lying incomplete either for construction purpose or for SNE. “I want to make them functional by providing whatever they need- means funds or SNE,” he said.

The chief minister directed the health minister to keep visiting hospitals close coordination with all the hospitals so that they provide best of their facilities to the people of this province.

Karachi, 23 September, 2017:





Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that the approval of Karachi Circular Railway by Joint Working Group of CEPEC is a big success of the people of the city of Karachi. “This is the result of our constant and sincere efforts of the provincial government.” This he said while addressing a reception he hosted for Joint Working Group (JWG) of CPEC on Transport Infrastructure here at the CM House this evening. He said that today morning an important meeting of Transport Infrastructure JWG of CPEC was held here and discussed all the three projects, KCR, Keti Banadra and Special Economic Zone Dhabeji put up by Sindh government. The meeting approved the three important projects of the province and recommended it to Joint Coordination Committee of CPEC for its implementation under the CPEC framework.

Syed Murad Ali Shah said that China Pakistan Economic Corridor wouldl help build a robust and stable economy in Sindh together with generating sound prospect for the province to revive and expand its road connectivity. “This will augment a new era of connectivity through which better fruits of economic benefits will be reaped by employment generation and decent mode of transportation,” he said. He said that a joint Cooperation Committee meeting on China Pakistan Economic Corridor was held in Beijing, China on 29th December, 2016 wherein he along with a senior level delegation participated. “we (Sindh government) proposed Karachi Circular Railway, Keti Bundar and China Special Economic Zone Dhabeji may be undertaken for implementation in CPEC, which were graciously included: The chief minister said that the Sindh government talking cognizance of the importance of KCR has approved the feasibility and framework agreement and shared with federal government in order to meet timelines to execute this mega project of high of priority at the earliest. “The KCR is the integral part of the comprehensive Mass Transit System envisaged for this mega city,” he said and added there was a most high public demand for KCR with ample ridership of 700,000 per day. “Karachi is the most populated cities of the world and there will be ample returns on any investment made in the city in wider economic terms. These economic benefits included reduced vehicle operation cost (VOC) and travel time cost (TCC),” he said. Murad Ali Shah said “we understand that a comprehensive mass transit system is the only solution to address the bourgeoning population of this mega city,” he added that the Sindh government has therefore started working on various Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines which complement KCR and try to reduce the misery of the commuter of this city. He went on saying that the investors were therefore invited to contribute in equity of KCR and other mass transit systems in Sindh. Murad Ali Shah said that the Sindh’s coastline is more than 300 kilometers long. It has two ports Karachi and Bin Qasim. He added that a new jetty at Keti Bundar would enhance county’s capability to export coal with potential to develop it as a full port. “Five million people living in the surrounding areas would directly benefit from it,” he said. Talking about Special Economic Zone, the chief minister said that Sindh has already established few Special Economic Zones like Bin Qasim Industrial Park, Korangi Creek Industrial Park and Khairpur Special Economic Zone.

He added that Dhabeji Stretches over 1000 acres and is about 55 kilometers from Karachi at the Eastern alignment of CPEC. “It has commercial viability and development potential in the immediate terms,” he said and went on saying that with the advent of the manufacturing agro-based industry, it was believed that this economic zone would usher in bringing prosperity for the growers of this province coupled with substantial increase in the production sector. He said that the CPEC would prove to be historic milestone in the history of Pakistan-China relations which would not only bring extensive development opportunities to the local but also bring development in under developed areas of the country.

After through discussion the 5th Joint Working Group on Transport Infrastructure has approved and recommended Revival of Karachi Circular Railway to the Joint Coordination Committee of CPEC for its implementation under the CPEC framework.

Karachi, 11 September, 2017:



I Recognizing local’s rights over natural resources is unprecedented Direct affectees of Thar Coal project becomes shareholder of SECMC Concerned population of Gorano and DukarCho scheme gets compensation package


Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that believing in the vision of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Sindh government had invested Rs11 billion cash in Thar coal mining to kick of the project. "Now, the people of Pakistan, particularly of Sindh are going to reap its fruit." This he said while addressing the programme of celebrations of 50 percent completion of Thar Coal Mining work organised inside the 90 meters deep excavated Coal Mine at Block-II. He said that it was the vision of prime minister [former] Shaheed Mohterma Benazir Bhutto that she had invited international investors and experts for That coal mining and installation of 10,000 MW coal-based power plant in 1994. "But, may God forbid him [Nawaz Sharif] for scrapped the project and landed the country and its people into darkness of loadshedd. As a result, Industrial development came to standstill in the country, thereby unemployment and poverty ratio went on upward. "They [the Nawaz government] not only wound up the coal project but annoyed the international investors to such an extend that no body was ready to invest in coal sector in Thar," he recalled.

Syed Murad Ali Shah said that in such circumstances the provincial government had no option but to invest from its own kitty. "When PPP came to power in 2008 and still he had not been elected as President if Pakistan, he had held a meeting at Bilawal House and directed then chief minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah to materialise the dream of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto by making coal power project as a reality," he recalled and added that the Sindh government made Engro its partner invested an huge amount of Rs11 billion from its resources. He also lamented that despite the investment of Rs11 billion by provincial government the successive government of Nawaz Sharif in 2013 did not support coal projects. " Finally, we had brought both, Asif Zardari and prime minister Nawaz Sharif together at Thar so that federal government may extend helping hand in Thar Coal project but hardly we succeeded in melting the ice," he deplored. The chief minister thanked former prime minister Raja Parvez Ashraf who during his tenure granted sovereign guarantee for Thar Coal project. He said that the Sindh government with its sincere and constant efforts has made Thar coal mining project a reality. " Once investors were running away from investments in Thar and now they are in the queue to invest here," he disclosed. Thanking the affected people of Coal Mining and Power projects at Block-II, the chief minister said after Allah they [affected people] supported and contributed in the project. "They vacated their ancestral homes and even sacrificed their sacred places if worship," he said and announced to give them 3 percent shares of the project from the shares of the provincial government share. Syed Murad Ali Shah reiterated his stance that the solution if national energy crises lies in Thar coal, it z future if Pakistan, therefore the federal government must support it. He announced to hand over management of all government schools functioning in Islamkot to Thar Foundation being run by Engro Energy & Mining Company. "The Sindh government is partner in Mining work and I am going to extend it in the education sector," he said and directed Education Minister Jam Khan Shoro who was accompanied by him to discuss and evolve mechanism to transfer administration of the schools to Thar Foundation. The chief minister also met women truck drivers am working in the coal mining project. "It really gives me immense pleasure that the women of Thar have come out and working more than their male family members," he said. He sat in the truck and the lady driver visited him the mine as demonstration of her skills.

It may be noted that in the project 35 lady truck drivers have been appointed, out of the a batch of 35, eight lady drives have started driving work while others are on their training. Earlier, Terming it an unprecedented policy for first time in the history of Pakistan, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on Tuesday announced that the project affectees of Thar Coal Block II has been made shareholders from the profits of the Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC). Along with making direct affectees of Thar Coal Block-II shareholders, he also announced that the concern population of Gorano and DukarCho reservoir scheme would also get decent compensation package for a period of 30 years. This was announced by Sindh Chief Minister, Syed Murad Ali Shah during a 50 percent completion ceremony of the mining and power projects underway at Thar Coal Field’s Block II. The Thar Coal Project, undertaken by SECMC, a public-private partnership body in which the Sindh Government holds its 54 percent shares. Engro Powergen Thar Limited have also achieved 50% completion four months ahead of the schedule. “We will be able to reach at the coal reserves by June 2019,” said Murad Ali Shah adding that the project would start generating electricity in June 2019. “History will bear witness to the future generations that the peoples’ government of Sindh is the first to pull the country out of the energy crisis, and Thar coal project is the harbinger of a better economic future of Pakistan,” Shah expressed proudly. Unprecedented in the history of the country, CM Sindh also announced a scheme to make the indigenous communities shareholders

The chief minister said that with the establishment of Thar Coal Mining project around 1700 population of the area of Thar Coal Block-II have been affected. “We have already managed to provide them shelter, a separate house to each affected couple, with all the basic facilities of quality education, best health care services, safe drinking water, and sanitation,” he said and added a mosque and temple are being constructed there to practice their respective faiths. Syed Murad Ali Shah said that each family [affected] of Thar Coal Block II would receive at least Rs100,000 share each year and the amount would be kept on increasing. “We have provided jobs to the affected families in the Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) and even women of the area have been employed there,” he said. “The concerned population of Gorano and Dukarcho scheme will also get a decent compensation package for 30 years along with health, education and drinking water facilities. Speaking during the ceremony, SECMC’s Chief Operating Officer, Shamsuddin Ahmad Shaikh said, “the mine of Thar Block-II with 1 X 1.6-kilometer area is the largest mine in the country. The company has removed over burden from the mine and has reached the depth of 90-meter deep. It means that 50 percent work has been completed, he said. “For us as a company, the development of country through this project is aligned with the prosperity of the area. The project, for me, loses its meaning the moment is trajectory is not in sync with the welfare of the people of the area,” Shaikh asserted. “I personally take pride in the formation of Thar Foundation, a dedicated organization working solely for the socioeconomic benefits of the Thari People. From the platform of the Foundation, we are establishing a state-of-the-art 150-bed hospital at Islamkot, and three secondary level schools at Islamkot, Mithi, and the resettlement area with the support of TCF; whereas, three new primary school have already started to impart quality education in the villages Thahryo Helepoto, Mansigh Bheel, and Bitra of Block II.” Shaikh added that it was their aim to make Islamkot, “a model taluka of Sindh in healthcare services.”

President of Engro Corporation Limited, Ghias Khan speaking at the occasion said, “It is indeed heartening to witness the 50% completion of Pakistan’s first ever open pit coal mine and 2x330 MW coal fired power plant in Thar. I am really proud of Engro’s Management team under the leadership of Shamsuddin Shaikh who have achieved this milestone four months ahead of schedule and even more impressive that they have done it safely with no Lost Workday Injury!” “Engro and Government of Sindh were the two original JV partners when SECMC was formed back in 2009 –and it took us 7 long years to develop this project which has been termed as a project of National and Strategic Importance – the entire nation realizes that Thar Coal is vitally important to Pakistan’s energy security.” “Government of Sindh has been a great partner for us and let me very clearly state that dealing with Government of Sindh on Thar Coal Project has been completely transparent, fair and based on merit which are also the hallmarks of Engro. “I also want to thank all the other sponsors, Hubco, HBL, House of Habib, CMEC, SPIM, Liberty for their confidence in Engro’s management in leading this project. On behalf of Engro, I congratulate SECMC and EPTL on achieving this great milestone and I eagerly look forward to seeing the Realization Dream of Thar Coal Inshallah by June 2019,” Khan said.

Karachi, 08 September, 2017:



Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has decided to establish a well-equipped public library in the ATC building, Clifton from where ATC courts are being shifted to Central jail Karachi. He took this decision while presiding over a meeting on shifting of ATC courts operation at Clifton to Central Jial Karachi. The meeting was attended by provincial ministers, Imdad Pitafi, Sohail Anwar Siyal, Ziaul Hassan Lanjar, Chief Secretary Rizwan Memon, Advocate General Zamir Ghumro, Principal Secretary to CM Sohail Rajput, Secretary Home Qazi Shahid Parvaiz and others. The Sindh government is construction 10 ATC Courts at Central Jail Karachi and work is almost on the final stage. The Chief Minister directed Minister Home Sohail Siyal and Minister for Prison Ziaul Hassan Lanjar to expedite the remaining work. “I want the court be ready for shifting by September 16 and from September 18 shifting must be started,” he said. The chief minister said that he has decided to establish a well-equipped public library with additional digital facilities on the site of special courts. “The students, boys and girls, senior citizens and other people would have enough reading facility to refresh them with reading material of their choice,” he said and added that there would also be beautiful Coffee House n only for visitors of the library.

The chief minister was told that air-conditioners, and CCTV cameras are yet to be fixed in the new special courts being constructed at Central jail. The chief minister directed home secretary to get them fixed within four days and report him. The chief minister directed the chief secretary to prepare a scheme for establishment of the library at the site of special courts. “I would finance special funds for the purpose and want to give a gift of a beautiful library at Seaside to the people of this city,” he said. It may be noted that presently six special courts are operating at Clifton. It causes serious security issues when accused of terrorism cases are sent for hearing to ATC Clifton. The police department deploy 700 policemen at different spots for their security. Therefore, keeping in view the gravity of the situation the government had decided to construct special court building at Central Jail Karachi along with residence of judges and their concerned staff members. Now, the court building construction has almost been completed and the work was done by FWO. The chief minister has decided schedule of shifting special courts from Clifton to Central Jail from September 18.