Ø A just and balanced NFC award,

Ø A new Water Accord based on the rights of all riparian

Ø A thorough, logical and rational, review of the Local Government Ordinance of 2001 and overhauled Local Bodies System

Ø Tangible improvement in the Law & Order and delivery of justice

Ø Provision of employment and employment opportunities to the people of Sindh, skills development of educated and unemployed youth of the province to make them compete in a market

Ø Establishment of Sindh Bank to help the people of province to compete as entrepreneurs

Ø Building of Low Cost houses for the poor of the province

Ø Distribution of land to landless peasants, specially the down trodden lot of the women

Ø Regularization of katchi abadies

Ø Power generation through coal based fuel to overcome the shortage and boost the economy

Ø Provision of quality health and education facilities to the people of the province by reformation of these sectors

Ø Ensuring 100% enrolment of children up to primary level and improving the literacy rate of the province

Ø Reforms and improvement in the agriculture sector by introducing new technologies which are sustainable

Ø Building small dams to meet water scarcity and increase the command area.