A just and balanced NFC award,

A new Water Accord based on the rights of all riparian

A thorough, logical and rational, review of the Local Government Ordinance of 2001 and overhauled Local Bodies System

Tangible improvement in the Law & Order and delivery of justice

Provision of employment and employment opportunities to the people of Sindh, skills development of educated and unemployed youth of the province to make them compete in a market

Establishment of Sindh Bank to help the people of province to compete as entrepreneurs

Building of Low Cost houses for the poor of the province

Distribution of land to landless peasants, specially the down trodden lot of the women

Regularization of katchi abadies

Power generation through coal based fuel to overcome the shortage and boost the economy

Provision of quality health and education facilities to the people of the province by reformation of these sectors

Ensuring 100% enrolment of children up to primary level and improving the literacy rate of the province

Reforms and improvement in the agriculture sector by introducing new technologies which are sustainable

Building small dams to meet water scarcity and increase the command area.